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About Us

Sewa International Europe(a.k.a Sewa Europe) is a premier charity non-profit humanitarian organisation based on the Dharmic (righteous) values, an organisation that serves selflessly, with compassion to create a positive impact with  focus on well-being of the beneficiary and the benefactor. Sewa Europe specialises in disaster relief, rehabilitation management. Also the development programs focus on family services, child, tribal and refugee welfare, women empowerment, health and education.

Sewa Europe is currently officially registered in Finland, Germany  as a non profit organisation and is expanding its presence in almost all the countries in Europe. Sewa Europe has a strong volunteer base from all walks of life such as Engineers, Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Techies and others. They all are driven by the intent to serve humanity selflessly. This strength makes it possible for the organisation to undertake key large scale projects since its inception. More information about them can be found here.

   Our Vision

A harmonious and happy world where humanity experiences oneness through sewa.

  Our Mission

  • To promote selfless efforts for the well-being of all
  • To create thought and action frameworks based on the principles of sewa
  • To build a worldwide network of dharma-base sewa organisations, for the collective expression of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam


Heramb Kulkarni

Ankur Tade

Vinod Balakrishna Pillai

Ashutosh Kumar
Program Office

Dr Gunesh Tallu
Joint Secretary

Aditi Kulkarni
Human Resource

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