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Ukraine Refugee Support

Social Impact 

Sewa International Europe played a key role in evacuating 467 African students, including 367 from Nigeria, and another 100 from Namibia, Zambia, and South Africa, from Sumy, the northern region of Ukraine bordering Russia, on Tuesday, March 8. Sewa volunteers coordinated the evacuation efforts responding to a request by Shina Alege, the Nigerian Ambassador to Ukraine.

As airstrikes cause extensive damage and people flee Ukraine in large numbers, Sewa International volunteers in Europe have helped more than 3,200 individuals in the past six days to cross the border to reach safety. Sewa volunteers are working with another 3,680 people who have registered for evacuation through the Sewa helpline.

Over 250 Sewa volunteers spread across many countries in Europe are coordinating relief efforts in eighteen Ukrainian cities.

They are distributing food packets, establishing temporary shelters, or working with local hotel owners to provide fleeing students a place to stay until they leave for their home country.

Working closely with Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) volunteers, Sewa units in Ukraine, Finland, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Denmark are fielding calls from stranded students and others seeking help and directing them to a volunteer who lives close to them for further assistance. Sewa is helping people to reach Ukraine’s western border by bus, train, or other modes of transport.

Rescue and Relief Efforts Supported by

Layers of Volunteer Support

 E-Volunteer Helpline

  • Volunteers behind the scene working 24/7 to connect 1:1 with people in distress

  • Provide emotional support to distressed people

  • Looking at movement roots, border crowds and safety measures.

  • Connecting local Ukraine volunteers to problem areas.

 Ukraine on ground

  • Volunteer based in Ukraine located at various cities.

  • They continued to stay there to coordinate local level logistics.

 Border on ground

  • Volunteers at different border crossing points

  • 5-10 volunteers at each of the border countries

Ukraine Relief and Recovery


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